MEGA Bundle!! Mega Bundle! All for the price of One!

  • Mega Bundle! All for the price of One!

MEGA Bundle!! Mega Bundle! All for the price of One!

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All for the price of one!

This bundle contains 11 downloadable products. So you can start immediately after the purchase ;) 

Total value of more than 700,- euros!!!

Realistic Compositions - Light and Fire

My son, riding on a Trex ;)

3D introduction
In this tutorial I will introduce you to DAZ3D. This is  free 3D design software. I will tell you briefly what you can do with it and how you can use it to create awesome, realistic scenes, by combining your renders with real photos.  More or less like they do in Hollywood, except, we are using photos instead of movies. Just like I did in this tutorial with the Trex. ;)

Light and Fire
In this tutorial I will also show you how easy it is to create a night scene.  With some photos I shot in Iceland we create a background scene. We gonna create lava and fire, without using any photos. So it are all photoshop effects that we use ;). Very helpful for all kind of amazing images you want to create in the future and with the right light on the models you turn a complete scene from day to night.

Realistic Compositions for everybody (Natural light).

No, you don’t need an expensive camera or expensive studio lights. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create impressive and funny images with photos taken with the camera of your cellphone or with a simple pocket camera. If you ever wanted to boost you Social Media account(s), this is your chance. Funny pictures always work and in this tutorial I will teach how to create these images within no-time. 

Workshop tutorial halloween textures and coloring

In this almost 4 hour video tutorial we are gonna play with textures to create an awesome realistic and creepy scene. The textures we are using are simple textures that I shot just in my neighbourhood. You can find this kind textures everywhere around you and it’s fun if you know how to use them. 

Realistic compositions - Light and Portraits

In this more than 9 hours video tutorial I will show you in a few steps, how to create from a simple portrait an awesome, advertising ready, image. I will explain you about what you have to know about light. I will show you the light setups and how to process the photos. We will simulate natural light with studio lights. We gonna create depth of field in Photoshop. We will add snow and rain to a portrait and much more. Don’t let the light control you… be in control!!

Realistic compositions Landscapes & Animals

How great is it, to create your own reality!!
In earlier tutorials we worked with an existing photo as a background, but in this tutorial, we gonna create the complete scene. We create our own background, our own world :). And in this world, we gonna put some animals and my son. It wasn't easy to shoot all the animals with the light that I needed, so in this tutorial I also gonna show you how to chance the light on the animals. I am sure you will enjoy it!! ;)

Realistic compositions - Color corrections & realistic reflections

Unlike ordinary photographs where color correction is often no more than restoring the color balance, adjusting colors or changing the atmosphere, color correcting your composites is essential to get a realistic whole. It is particularly important to know what you do and why you do it. In this tutorial I will teach you with three examples, where you should look for and how to correct it. If you understand this and can apply it to your images you will have a so much more realistic images, compared to those who don’t know what they are doing and hardly use color correction.

The other main topic of the tutorial is the creation of realistic reflections without making use of a mirror. In two examples, we also work this out. Together with my Basic tutorial a must have for everybody that wants to create realistic composites.

Take control over your fantasy and images. Don’t let the technique control you! ;)

Realistic compositions - Giants

The video tutorial Giants is a five and a half hour lesson in how to create real looking giants by composing several images till one new realistic composition. For this tutorial you will need at least Photoshop CS5. This is because we use in this tutorial the Puppet warp tool. With older versions you can also follow the tutorial, except the part of the Puppet warp tool. In this tutorial will be explained how to create depth by adding haze and the finishing touch will be slightly different with Google (Nik) color efex compared to the tutorial Realistic compositions - Basics. 

Extra: In the video tutorial Giants we don't create one composite but two!! At the end we create another composite, but this time a image with a giant from a different angle. This extra composite will be created at a higher speed and lastst around one hour.

Realistic compositions - Basics

In this tutorial all the basics will be explained about how I create a realistic composite without any secrets. About the angle of your camera, the focus lenght, shadows etc. I also explain how most of my images get that special 3D feeling by dodge and burning. This tutorial is more than four and a half hour long.

Composite set - Volume 1

The composite set consists of 78 dng files (40mp) and can be used for creating your own composites by mixing the different images. Almost all images are shot with the same light direction, so easy to match with eachother. Compared to many stock sites the images in this set are not jpg's but dng files. This means that you can process them in the way that you want because all the color information is still there and you get much more detail out of a single image.

PSD files with all layers - Set 1 & 2

Ever wondered how I build up some of my images? Now is your chance to find out how! In these classic set of images that I created some time ago, you can discover how I work on my images. By clicking on the layer and turning the layer on and off you see exactly how I process my images, from the first till the last layer. If you already bought one of my tutorials before, you will know exactly why I used some layers and what I did on that layer. Very educative for everybody that wants to do more with photos and Photoshop. 

These are downloadable products!

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