Workshop Realistic Compositions (Basics)

  • Realistic Compositions (Basics)

Workshop Realistic Compositions (Basics)

€ 84.00 (± $ 99.00)

In this video workshop of almost 5 hours I tell and teach you everything about what I am always doing. It’s the same workshop that I’m already teaching for many years all around the world.

I have no secrets and after following this workshop, your imagination will be the limit for creating great composites ;)

This product is a download product only. (Around 1500MB of data)

You can follow this workshop on your Windows or Mac operating system.

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  • Table of content
    Chapter Topic Duration
    01 Introduction 00.10.00 min
    02 Essentials before the shoot 00.10.00 min
    03 Shooting the models 00.05.00 min
    04 Opening and processing the raw files 00.04.45 min
    05 Shooting the models 00.05.00 min
    06 Cutting out the models and place them into the scene 00.05.00 min
    07 Shadows 01.24.00 min
    08 Dodge and Burn and the 3D feeling 00.30.00 min
    09 Color correction 00.09.30 min
    10 Adjusting the image and the finishing touch 00.42.00 min
    11 End of workshop 00.00.00 min