Workshop, Mobile camera and natural light Realistic Compositions for everybody (Natural light)

  • Realistic Compositions for everybody (Natural light)

Workshop, Mobile camera and natural light Realistic Compositions for everybody (Natural light)

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Creating fun images without the need of an expensive camera or expensive studio lights!

Realistic Compositions for everybody (Natural light). Boost your Social Media account
No, you don’t need an expensive camera or expensive studio lights. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create impressive and funny images with photos taken with the camera of your cellphone or with a simple pocket camera. If you ever wanted to boost you Social Media account(s), this is your chance. Funny pictures always work and in this tutorial I will teach how to create these images within no-time.

You don’t know how to work with Photoshop? No Problem!!
You will need a computer and photoshop to put the images,  shot with a cellphone or pocket camera, together. Well, the photos shot with any camera will do and in the first chapter I will show and explain the most important parts of Photoshop. The essentials for this tutorial. Even if you never gonna create composites, the information you will get in this first chapter is a good beginning to start with Photoshop. In the other chapters, more and more will be explained.

Wishing you much fun with creating awesome composites, boosting your Instagram account or Facebook page and impressing the world! ;)

Note: It's a downloadable product, so after the purchase, you can start immediately!

Chapter 1 Photoshop introduction
In this chapter I teach you all about photoshop what you need to know, to be able to follow this tutorial. A good time to start with Photoshop if you never tried it before.

Chapter 2 Trying to stay relaxed
In this chapter I teach you how to create a funny image in a very simple way, without the need of creating shadows. We start easy with this one.

Chapter 3 Goat rodeo
We gonna create one composite out of two images. In this chapter I’ll teach you how to cut out the model and put him on the goat. With a simple shadow and some adjustments it looks like he is really sitting on a goat.

Chapter 4 Giant on the road
The shadows are getting more advanced. We gonna put a giant on the high way.

Chapter 5 Surfing
Our first tiny person in a scene and our first reflection. In this chapter we gonna let my son surfing on a knife.

Chapter 6 Flying an airplane
This scene will be different compared to the other chapters. Also with the lights in you living room you can easily create a believable composite. We are going to let my son fly in a paper plane.

Chapter 7 Sunken camera
It’s getting a bit more advanced now. My son is jumping on the shutter button of a giant camera.

Chapter 8 Flat legs
This chapter is not a video, but in this chapter you have to try it yourself, with everything you’ve learned till now.
You will get the source files and you can check the 
photoshop example file, with all the layers included in case you get stuck.

Chapter 9 Giant on the train
And our final image. This time a bit different compared to the other images. Now the sun is shinning which means a different kind of shadow and more color in the scene.


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  • Table of content
    Topic Duration
    Introduction 1:50 minute
    Before we start 3:32 minutes
    Chapter 1: Photoshop introduction 47 minutes
    Chapter 2: Trying to stay relaxed 48 minutes
    Chapter 3: Goat rodeo 48 minutes
    Chapter 4: Giant on the road 53 minutes
    Chapter 5: Surfing 45 minutes
    Chapter 6: Flying an airplane 41 minutes
    Chapter 7: Sunken camera 69 minutes
    Chapter 8: Flat legs 40 seconds
    Chapter 9: Giant on the train 73 minutes