Workshop Realistic compositions Giants

  • Realistic compositions Giants

Workshop Realistic compositions Giants

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In this video workshop of more than five and a half hour I tell and teach you the entire workflow I use to create my giant composites. I tell you what you have to keep in mind when shooting backgrounds for these kind of composites, which angles suit the best when shooting the models that you are going to use in these giant composites.

 In this workshop I will go more in depth, in other parts then I did in the previous workshop. For example I will show you more in depth how to work with the puppet warp tool, how haze is important for the depth feeling and we will use Google (Nik) Color Efex in a bit different way. If you want to learn more about shadows I suggest the first workshop. Because we gonna use the puppet warp tool, you will need at least Photoshop CS5 to be able to follow everything.

On top of this you will even get a bonus video where I walk you through the entire workflow one more time on some different images. You see me do the workflow in one long video from start to finish.

I have no secrets and after following this workshop, your imagination will be the limit for creating great composites ;)

This product is a download product only. (Around 2500mb of data)

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Bonus material

Speed movie of the bonus material you get with this workshop


Five years of photography and digital art...

  • Table of content
    Chapter Topic Duration
    01 Introduction 00.01.00 min
    02 Shooting backgrounds 00.03.00 min
    03 Shooting the models 00.05.00 min
    04 Opening the background and preparation 00.25.00 min
    05 Cutting out the models 00.25.00 min
    06 Shadows 01.05.00 min
    07 Dodge and Burn and color correction
    puppet warp
    dodge and burn, creating the 3D feeling
    adding haze and correct colors
    00.42.00 min
    08 Improvements
    Adding a reflection and shadow
    Adding a crack, particles and dust
    changing the sky
    adding some stones
    01.07.00 min
    09 Finishing touch
    fine tuning the mask
    finishing touch with Nik color Efex
    00.32.00 min
    10 Bonus tutorial 01.08.00 min