Workshop Realistic compositions Landscapes & Animals

  • Realistic compositions Landscapes & Animals

Workshop Realistic compositions Landscapes & Animals

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How great is it, to create your own reality!!
In earlier tutorials we worked with an existing photo as a background, but in this tutorial, we gonna create the complete scene. We create our own background, our own world :). And in this world, we gonna put some animals and my son. It wasn't easy to shoot all the animals with the light that I needed, so in this tutorial I also gonna show you how to chance the light on the animals. I am sure you will enjoy it!! ;)

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  • Table of content
    Chapter Topic Duration
    00 Introduction 00.01.00 min
    00 The Photos 00.13.00 min
    01 Building of the tree 00.37.00 min
    02 Building a world around the tree 00.53.00 min
    03 Adding the Orang Utan to the scene 00.22.00 min
    04 Adding and modifying the bear 00.33.00 min
    05 The tiger on the rock 00.26.00 min
    06 Some adjustments 00.08.00 min
    07 Adding my son to the scene 00.34.00 min
    08 More adjustments and the finishing touch 00.12.00 min
    09 Extra adjustments 00.16.00 min