Workshop Realistic Compositions Light and Fire

  • Realistic Compositions Light and Fire

Workshop Realistic Compositions Light and Fire

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Welcome to my most spectacular tutorial till now. With limited resources I will show how to create an awesome picture. Enjoy!!

3D introduction
In this tutorial I will introduce you to DAZ3D. This is  free 3D design software. I will tell you briefly what you can do with it and how you can use it to create awesome, realistic scenes, by combining your renders with real photos.  More or less like they do in Hollywood, except, we are using photos instead of movies. Just like I did in this tutorial with the Trex. ;)

Light and Fire
In this tutorial I will also show you how easy it is to create a night scene.  With some photos I shot in Iceland we create a background scene. We gonna create lava and fire, without using any photos. So it are all photoshop effects that we use ;). Very helpful for all kind of amazing images you want to create in the future and with the right light on the models you turn a complete scene from day to night.

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  • Table of content
    Chapter Topic Duration
    00 Introduction 00.02.00 min
    01 3D introduction 00.18.00 min
    02 Creating the scenery 01.12.00 min
    03 The lava 00.36.00 min
    04 Model on the Trex 00.44.00 min
    05 Torch and Fire 01.04.00 min
    06 Final adjustments 00.45.00 min