Workshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits

  • Realistic compositions Light and Portraits

Workshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits

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In this more than 9 hours video tutorial I will show you in a few steps, how to create from a simple portrait an awesome, advertising ready, image. I will explain you about what you have to know about light. I will show you the light setups and how to process the photos. We will simulate natural light with studio lights. We gonna create depth of field in Photoshop. We will add snow and rain to a portrait and much more. Don’t let the light control you… be in control!!

In this tutorial we will process 5 different portraits. I will teach you two major habits of light that you need to know in order to be able to simulate all types of lights and moods. I will also show you for each portrait the light setup and explain, why I used it in the way I used it for the portraits.

We start with a simple studio portrait. In this chapter I will teach you how to use the frequency separation technique. A different way of dodge and burning compared to what you use to see in my other tutorials. We will mask the hair and gonna create a background.

In the second and third portrait, we will concentrate on two lifestyle photos. Here we will simulate natural light and we will create an artificial depth of field. We will also add with a brush some snow to the scene, in one of the images, to complete it.

The fourth and fifth portrait will be more of a movie poster style kind of image. Besides some different light setups compared to the previous portraits we will also take more time to create a good background. To complete the images and make them even more awesome we will add rain to the scene.

Because a good picture takes some time, I created some extra material for this tutorial. These extra’s will focus mainly on the fourth image, the movie poster style photo with the skyscrapers on the background.

I will also show in this extra section a few different background on our first lifestyle portrait. How easy it is to create a different image with the same photo if a clients would ask for that.

To be able, to follow this tutorial, you will need the version of photoshop that support blur gallery. You can find this option in the menu ‘filters’ -> ‘blur gallery’. You will also need the Google (Nik) Color Efex bundle. This set of filters you can download now for free and is highly recommended for actually all the work you gonna create. I also want to mention, that you will need to know how to work with layers, adjustment layers and clipping masks. If you don't know this, I recommend to follow my basics tutorial first. For this purpose I created a nice bundle with this tutorial and the basics one.

Don’t let the light control you… be in control!!

Extra! In this tutorial you will also find a special discount code for the software I used to to explain you the light set up. Something really amazing. This code gives you 15% discount until february. Next week they will start a Christmas sale and lower the price of the software, but on top of this you can also use this discount code!!! :)

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  • Table of content

    Light and Portraits


    Portrait 1 - Studio portrait - Studio light - 1 hour 48 minutes

    • Intro
    • 00:00:00 Light setup
    • 00:00:39 The photo shoot
    • 00:05:47 Opening the photo and spot removal
    • 00:12:35 Frequency Separation technique
    • 00:36:05 Dodge and Burning
    • 00:42:53 Brighter eyes
    • 00:48:40 Pre Finishing touch
    • 00:56:31 More adjustments
    • 01:03:06 Adding a background
    • 01:08:37 Improving the hair mask
    • 01:20:07 Background improvements and banding
    • 01:27:38 Liquify and finishing the image

    Portrait 2 - Lifestyle - Simulating natural light - 1 hour 9 minutes

    • Intro
    • 00:00:00 Light setup
    • 00:03:13 The photo shoot
    • 00:05:13 Opening the photo, spot removal and frequency separation
    • 00:20:33 Masking the hair
    • 00:31:21 Adding a background
    • 00:43:33 Creating Depth of Field
    • 00:57:42 Finishing touch

    Portrait 3 - Lifestyle in Snow - Simulating natural light - 1 hour 12 minutes

    • Intro
    • 00:00:00 Light setup
    • 00:02:30 The photo shoot
    • 00:04:37 Opening the photo and adjustments
    • 00:23:21 Masking the hair
    • 00:31:21 Adding a background
    • 00:37:45 Creating Depth of Field
    • 00:55:52 Creating snow and a brush
    • 01:04:24 Finishing touch

    Portrait 4 - Movie poster 1 - Spectacular light - 1 hour 37 minutes

    • Intro
    • 00:00:00 Light setup
    • 00:03:09 The photo shoot
    • 00:05:03 Creating a background and model cut out
    • 00:25:48 Adjusting the background
    • 00:33:28 Model adjustments
    • 00:46:10 Creating dust and smoke
    • 01:03:19 Creating debris
    • 01:23:35 Finishing touch

    Portrait 5 - Movie poster 2 - Spectacular light - 1 hour 3 minutes

    • Intro
    • 00:00:00 Light setup
    • 00:04:03 The photo shoot
    • 00:05:22 Starting with model and background
    • 00:10:46 Adding some dust
    • 00:23:08 Dodge and burn
    • 00:29:46 Adding rain
    • 00:42:26 Finishing touch


    • Remake Portrait 4 movie poster - 43 minutes The same steps as in portrait 4, only with a different photo of the model
    • Continu on the remake of Portrait 4 by playing more with the background - 53 minutes
    • Some minor tweaks on Portrait 1 - 10 minutes
    • Two different backgrounds on Portrait 2 - 17 minutes