Workshop Tutorial Halloween textures and coloring

  • Tutorial Halloween textures and coloring

Workshop Tutorial Halloween textures and coloring

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Textures are used a lot in composites/digital manipulated images. Textures can be used to give an image a more realistic feeling. You can add dirt to a character or his clothes, add smoke to a scene, debris in the background etc. etc. In this video tutorial we gonna use it to create a spooky deserted place and transform me in an even more creepy creature, without the use of a make up artist ;)

In this almost 4 hour video tutorial we are gonna play with textures to create an awesome realistic and creepy scene. The textures we are using are simple textures that I shot just in my neighbourhood. You can find this kind textures everywhere around you and it’s fun if you know how to use them.

The photos for this tutorial are shot at home. With only three cheap speed lights, and two umbrella's I could take the photos of me and my son. I did this more often in the past and many of my photos that you know are taken at home. So you know now that you don’t need a studio and expensive studio lights to get professional results.

For this tutorial we use Photoshop CC and the Google Nik Collection. You can download the Google Nik collection for free. It’s an essential plug in for Photoshop and Lightroom, any photographer and digital artist should have.

In this tutorial I won’t explain the basics of creating realistic compositions. This information you will find in my Basics Tutorial.

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  • Table of content
    Topic Starts at
    Introduction 00.00.00 min
    Textures on a background 00.01.24 min
    Assembling the model 01.00.09 min
    Putting the model in the scene 01.12.32 min
    Digital make up 01.49.47 min
    Adding cracks 02.08.55 min
    Adding another model 02.25.55 min
    More textures 02.40.43 min
    Adding colors 02.59.38 min
    Depth of field 03.15.06 min
    Finishing touch 03.26.25 min
    The finishing finishing touch 03.39.29 min