Composite set Volume 1

  • Volume 1

Composite set Volume 1

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Are you missing that perfect background image for your composite or are you in need of a certain kind of model to finish off that perfect feeling for your composite? Or do you just need more images to practice more on your composite skills and fine tune it some more? No need to worrie, the Adrian Sommeling image composite sets are here to safe your day ;) :)

On my journeys across the world I am always shooting all kinds of background images (dessert, skylines, forrest, clouds etc etc) that are perfect to be used in composites. I use these images in my own composites and I like to give you the possibility to use them in your own work (personal and commercially)

For this 1st set I shot some skyline images of Dubai and I travelled to the dessert to shoot some beautiful landscape images you can use in your composites.

These high quality building block can help you enormously during your learning curve where you fine tine your composite skills. 78 DNG images (40mp) in this set:

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Background images from composite set - Volume 1

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Model images from composite set -Volume 1

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